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Lily is struck by darkness and thrown into the dungeons that will take her on the journey of her life. Through the dungeons, she must vanquish all enemies before being able to get to the next floor. She will collect the souls of her fallen enemies to grow in power. Beware: the elements of the world are working against you.


You must defeat every enemy to advance to the next floor. Each enemy will leave their soul behind, which will let you level-up. Once you reach level milestones, you will be faced with an elemental creature that will try to stop you.

The game automatically saves at room change, whether it's going to the next dungeon, pausing the game, or even exiting the game. It also saves when Lily dies, so once you die, you're done with that play-through. Isn't perma-death fun? No more perma-death!

Lily got a new powerful attack!


Arrow keys :: Move
Z :: Attack
X :: Special attack (light wave)
ESC :: Pause
F10 :: Toggle fullscreen

D-Pad / Left Stick:: Move menu selections / Move Lily
Start :: Pause
A (Xbox layout) / X (Playstation layout) :: Select / Attack
B (Xbox layout) / Circle (Playstation layout) :: Special attack


Music :: Human Antagonist
Random Room Generation :: FrostPunch
prettylight :: Nik Sudan
Everything else: Joshua Fox of Digitalhead Games


Still investigating. Should run on anything more powerful than a potato though, as long as that potato has a display adapter, sound card, 17MB of hard drive space, and a keyboard. The game, in windowed mode, runs at a resolution of 1280x720. Toggling fullscreen to ON should adjust to whatever your resolution is, but since this is untested, please use the forum so it can be fixed if needed.


A Windows based PC with a currently supported version of Windows, reasonably up-to-date drivers, Intel integrated or better graphics, and a sound card


Lily of Light is still in development. From its current state, some of the main goals are:

  • I think it needs more enemy types. What about you? Maybe some elite versions of existing enemies too?
  • There's only one boss... there should be more.
  • Still need story and cut scenes. (Unfolding now)
  • The final release will be available for both, Windows and Linux. Want it on Mac? Well I can't afford a Mac right now to compile to. If Lily makes me rich enough, I guess it's possible in the future though.
  • More sounds are on their way.
  • Options menu and help screen to be added.


Demo - Final
This update to the demo removes unused assets and code, fixes some bugs, and adds more awesome to the demo.


  • Checkpoint system: no more perma-death
  • Added stun condition to enemies when attacked
  • Knockback for physical attacks
  • Idle state for earth boss
  • Fixed some text on the game over screen
  • Fixed text on title menu to reflect the checkpoint system
  • Some minor adjustments

* These changes only apply to the full (paid) version.
* Full changelog included in .ZIP file.


Buy Now
On Sale!
40% Off
$4.99 $2.99 USD or more

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Lily of Light (Windows v.2016.08.05) 13 MB
Lily of Light (Linux v.2016.08.05) 12 MB

Download demo

Lily of Light (Windows Demo Final) (9 MB)
Lily of Light (Linux Demo Final) (9 MB)