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This extension is useful for handling input in GameMaker: Studio, especially in games with top-down movement. This is a modified version of HeartBeast's method from his "Make an RPG" tutorial series on YouTube. It's a great series that can teach you a lot about using GameMaker: Studio. It also shows how you can create and/or utilize this input handler. My script has more functions than his in order to handle more situations, like menus. The main reason I made this is because it allows keyboard AND controller support at the same time, unlike the setup from the "Make an RPG" tutorials.

It's kind of messy, but fairly well commented (I think so, anyway). I am willing to support this extension if you use it. There are only 3 things included in the extension: a script to get the input, an input control object that should be added to the first scene loaded (it's persistent), and a basic README. The new example project has other sprites, objects, and rooms to show you how to use the extension.

NOTE: This was made in GM:S 1.4. It should work in GM:S 2, but I have not tested it. If you can confirm whether or not it works in GM:S 2, please let me know.


UPDATE 2017-08-12

Added more functions to the script and commented it better. Also updated the readme file and included it in the gmez extension.

UPDATE 2016-07-15

The download has an updated extension (an actual gmez extension) that can be imported into your existing project. There is also an example project with objects included to show how to use the extension. Enjoy!

Install instructions

Unzip the ZIP file. Import GMEZ file with GameMaker: Studio or open the example project with GameMaker: Studio.


Digitalhead's GMS Input Handler (With example project) 16 kB

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