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This is a prototype project that I've used to test out various things for Lily of Light, such as movement, random floor/wall tiles, the particle system, variables, and much more. I spent some time and made it into something more playable.

The objective is to navigate the maze to gather keys and unlock your way out.

VERSION 1.0.2: Update to (hopefully) fix a performance issue causing severe slow-down in some cases.

VERSION 1.0.1: There are currently 5 levels with increasing difficulty. There are also a lot more features and the levels are optimized considerably from the first release. Some new features include:

  • Options in the pause menu
  • GUI indicates when a key has been used
  • Level select (levels unlock as you go)
  • You can reset your progress if you want to start over
  • Several bug fixes
  • ... more

If there is enough interest in this game, I will update it with more levels and features. Donations will ensure these updates.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Arrow keys :: Move
Enter :: Select
Backspace :: Back
Escape :: Pause/Back

D-Pad / Left Stick:: Move
A :: Select
B :: Back
Start :: Pause


Lily's Labyrinth 3 MB

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